krystal_moon (krystal_moon) wrote in harry_sirius,

start of a new fic fest for the winter


I’m here to advertise my new fic fest hp_wintersmut dedicated to posting naughty HP fics and arts from 1st December and throughout the winter. To sign up, go here:

Sign ups are accepted until 23rd July 2007

This is for R and NC-17 rated fics and art only so only people over 18 can apply.

You can request any pairings and kinks that you like. If you have a rare pairing, then I’m sure there’ll be someone perfect to write/draw for you.

So what are you waiting for?


PS I know the community layout is rubbish. Someone is sorting it out as we speak.
PPS I know the writing on the post is a bit big. I’ll sort it out once I’m finished advertising.
PPPS Pass this link as much as you can although is this post is not allowed, you can delete it or ask me to delete it. I don’t mind.
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