eirlysnon (eirlysnon) wrote in harry_sirius,

Kal, Prologue.

Summary: Ten years ago Lily and James Potter's only son Harry went missing, Five years ago Lucius and Severus Malfoy Snape adopted a ten year old boy. In the present day Sirius Black finds himself caught up in a love affair with fifteen year old Kal... It's just an exploson waiting to happen.

Warnings for whole story: Swearing, underage sex, underage drinking, smoking, drugs references, scences of a sexual nature, violence, slash.

Pairings: SB/HP, LM/SS, LP/JP, JP/RL

Disclaimer: The plot is mine, All the characters are JK's, I just like to mess with them

click here for story:  eirlysnon.livejournal.com/2971.html

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