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harry_sirius's Journal

Harry and Sirius - True Love?
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This journal is dedicated to the collection of Harry/Sirius fan fiction.

That is fan fiction that has Harry and Sirius in a romantic and/or sexual relationship. Yes. Slash. If you simply don't like it or consider it wrong/incestuous/disgusting then the back button is located that-a-way.

Everyone else still happy to be here? Good.

Because authors wouldn't like me running off with their stories - and because it would be tiresome for me to copy-paste and repost, I chose to collect links and summaries instead of actual stories.

I hope to collect links to all the sirry fic on the net - so if you know of a half-decent fic that I haven't yet collected, then please let me know!

All effort will be made to keep the links up to date. But I am not responsible for any authors choosing to shuffle their fics about.

There will also be links to adult/mature/NC-17 fic and some potentially disturbing materials - please use your own judgment when selecting fic to read. If you get traumatised I don't care. You were warned.

Happy reading!

(Oh, and if there are any authors who do not want to be listed here - let me know, and I'll yank the link/s off my list.)