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Nove Amor

Title: Nove Amor
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Remus/Harry/Sirius
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: The Final Battle is over and Harry has survived. Will he survive the new feelings he seems to be having now that he has a chance to start living his life?
Warnings: First-Time, Hurt/Comfort, Seduction, Voyeurism, Rimming, Masturbation, bondage, Somnophilia.
Word Count: @5,400
Author's Notes: I was trying to be clever with the title (It translates roughly to First Desire). It was my gift for Owllover18 in the hp_springsmut fic exchange. This is post-Hogwarts and I hope it’s kinky enough. I apologize for the ending, but it was sappy enough without me adding anymore to it. I hope some of the smut makes up for the sap.
For the third night in a row, Harry woke up with a start. He was breathing heavily and his bare chest was damp with sweat. When he had been in school, Harry had become accustomed to waking up in the middle of the night due to all sorts of strange visions Voldemort had been feeding him. This was quite different and Harry didn't know what to think. He reached over to the small bedside table and grasped his wand. "Lumos Maximus," Harry said, watching his wand light up a large portion of his room. He then grabbed a small dark green journal and put his thumb on the lock. "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good," Harry said, opening the book with a click. <i>Not exactly what Hermione had in mind, but at least no one else can read it,</i> Harry thought to himself.
Harry sighed as he remembered the battle for a moment. Ever since sixth year there had been one loss after another, actually, the losses had started with Cedric in fourth year. Then there were the horrible events of fifth year and nearly losing Sirius. He had been behind the veil for over a year until Harry, Ron, and Hermione had discovered a way to bring him back at what would have been the start of their seventh year. So many people were gone: Dumbledore, gone over the battlements of Hogwarts in a flash of green; Snape, killed by Moody during a Death Eater attack; Moody, Tonks, Kingsley, and most of the Order; Mrs. Weasley along with her husband and most of her children when Snape and the Death Eaters attacked the Burrow.  Now only Fred, George, and Ron were left. Hermione's parents were killed in an attempt to draw her out; and finally, McGonagall and Hagrid were lost in the Final Battle. They died heroically, saving the first year students during the leaving feast.
Harry scribbled the details of his latest dream into his journal. This one had been the most detailed by far, and Harry felt himself react as he remembered what had woken him from a sound sleep. It was a mystery that his libido had suddenly shown up after he had defeated Voldemort, although, looking back it probably shouldn't have been that big of a surprise. After all, he had spent his entire Hogwarts career trying to defeat evil and save the school from one disaster or another. Harry realized that he hadn't even noticed he was interested in men more than women until two weeks after the Final Battle. He stifled a moan as he remembered the images from his dream, squirmed uncomfortably and sighed. He would have to take care of his little problem if he wanted to get any sleep tonight.
Harry put his journal on the night table and silently cast Nox to turn out the light. He slipped off the red and gold silk boxers he was wearing and his cock sprang to attention against his stomach. The tip was already damp with precome. He wrapped his hand around his cock and fell back into his dream, thinking of the two men who had come to be in all of his recent fantasies. Harry tried to keep his moans quiet but as he stroked himself harder, he let out his breath suddenly in a rather loud moan. His hips raised under their own power as he sped up his strokes and let one hand fondle his nipples.  As he came in a sudden rush of spunk, he moaned loudly, "Remus . . . Sirius."
The next morning, Harry was very uncomfortable around the other occupants of the cottage. His heart raced when he saw Sirius sitting in the kitchen reading the Daily Prophet in just his black silk boxers. Remus had then come downstairs in a faded brown robe which was left open wide enough to show a majority of his chest and stomach.
"Morning Harry," Sirius said, putting down the Prophet as he stood to stretch. "Good morning Moony," Sirius added, noticing that his lover was finally awake. "You didn't wear yourself out too much last night did you, love?" Sirius asked, hugging Remus and giving him a short kiss. Harry blushed and turned away from the display.
"Morning Padfoot, and no, I am fine after last night," Remus said, returning the kiss. As he looked around the kitchen, Remus noticed that Harry was looking away from them and almost looked to be blushing. <i>Interesting,</i> Remus thought to himself. He pulled back from his mate and addressed the other occupant of the room. "Morning Harry, did you sleep well?" Remus asked.
"Fine, it was just fine. I think I'm going to go out flying. I've got some extra energy all of a sudden," Harry said, practically running up the stairs to grab his broom. It was a Firestorm, which was the upgrade to the Firebolt. Harry's old broom was lost in a battle a few months before the Final Battle, when it had been burnt to a crisp by a Hungarian Horntail in a repeat of the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament. Sirius had just bought this broom for him a week ago. Harry ran back down the stairs and disappeared out the back door, which led to the Quidditch Pitch.
"I wonder what's up with him," Sirius said, walking over to the counter to pour himself more coffee.
Remus was wondering the same thing. He took a deep breath to answer his lover when a nearly overpowering scent shot through him out of nowhere. Actually it came from where Harry had been standing before he bolted for upstairs and then outside. "I don't know Padfoot, but there's something he's not telling us. I can smell it," Remus said.
"Is he hurt?" Sirius asked, not questioning his lover's nose when it came to these types of things.
"It's not that kind of scent Padfoot.  It's more like he's . . .well, to be honest, he needs to get laid," Remus said.
"That shouldn't be a problem. He's eighteen, the hero of the Battle, and one of the richest wizards in Britain. I could tell him where all the good clubs are if he wanted to find someone for a night or two," Sirius said. <i>Only because I doubt he wants me the way I want him,</i> Sirius thought to himself.
"I don't think that's it Paddy. He reacted to us this morning for a reason," Remus said. <i>I wonder if he doesn't have some measure of lust for either one of us,</i> Remus thought to himself.
"We should find out. I know he has a journal, maybe he left it unlocked," Sirius said.
"I don't know. He would be very upset if he found out," Remus answered.
"He'll be flying for at least another hour, come on Moony," Sirius said, already taking the stairs two at a time.
"Fine, but if he does get angry, you can deal with him," Remus said. They reached Harry's room and Remus nearly staggered from the heavy, unmistakable tang of sweat and sex in the air. "Well, he was busy last night. I guess that's what we heard around 3 a.m.," Remus said.
Sirius had found the journal. Unfortunately, it wouldn't open, but things like that never stopped Sirius for too long. He tried to open it and a voice came from the inside. "Nice try. If you wish to read the contents you must be deemed worthy and possess the knowledge," Harry's voice said from within the cover. "If you wish to open the book you must first know the forms of the three real Marauding spirits," the voice continued.
"Moony the werewolf, Padfoot the grim, and Prongs the stag," Sirius said.
"Correct, now to see any writing at all you must know what my biggest fear is," the voice said.
"Your biggest fear is fear itself in the form of a Dementor," Remus answered.
"Correct, and finally to see what is really written here you must figure out the password. You know it already but must figure out which one it could be, and you only have one try or you will be hexed," the voice said.
"I solemnly swear I am up to no good," both Marauders said together.
"Correct. Here it is, the journal of one Lord Harold James Patrick Llewellyn Gryffindor Potter. Ignore the full name it's only necessary for the security charms," the voice said, a hint of disgust at having to use his title and full name.
Sirius and Remus chuckled. Even they hadn't known Harry's full name until after the Final Battle since his heritage as the heirs of Llewellyn and Gryffindor was from everyone after Lily and James' deaths. It had only come out when the Potters' wills were finally read a week after the Battle so that Harry could take control of his family vaults. They opened the journal and noted that there were three fairly long entries. Remus started reading the first one and nearly dropped the book in shock after only half a page. "Read this Padfoot," Remus said. <i>Merlin, he's such an innocent but he has one hell of an imagination,</i> Remus thought, starting to feel as if he needed a cold shower.
"My word, it seems our godson has been dealing with some interesting feelings and thoughts, though why he didn't come and ask us to 'help him along' is a mystery," Sirius said.
"Why don't we wait until tonight and see if he has the dream again. And yes, I said see. I know a charming little charm that will let us see though our wall into the room here. We can also hear him in action with an extendable ear," Remus said, letting his prankster side come out.
"Sounds like a plan," Sirius said. He shut the journal and then said, "Mischief Managed," just to make sure it was relocked.
That night, once the two men were in bed, they cast the charm that would allow them to see into Harry's room. They didn't know what to expect, but they knew that if Harry were truly interested in them, they would be more than happy to take him into their relationship. They realized they couldn't just go jump the boy.  After all, he was barely eighteen and was completely inexperienced. They would have to seduce him over the next few days. Just as the men were beginning to tire, they heard a low moan from the next room and focused on the ebony haired boy fitfully sleeping not twenty feet away from them. Remus and Sirius both put in an extendable ear and now clearly heard the small moans Harry was making.
"Remus . . . Sirius . . . more please," Harry panted. He kicked the sheets from around his waist and both men let their eyes travel slowly along the length of Harry's now nude form.
"I can't wait to taste him," Remus whispered, unconsciously licking his lips with the thought.
"I know, and run our hands over that body, feeling the play of muscles under his skin," Sirius added, shifting to release some of the pressure on his aching cock.
"So it's settled then. Operation Woo is in effect. He is in for two days that he won't soon forget," Remus said.
"It's on. Now let's watch the show," Sirius said, watching as Harry opened his brilliant green eyes and focused his attention on his cock. Harry's hand slid around the base, squeezing gently and tugging at the same time. Then he spit in his palm and slowly stroked the shaft, twisting his fist on every third pull. "Fuck, he's so beautiful, a perfect submissive," Sirius said, stroking his own cock in rhythm with Harry.
Harry continued his slow, deliberate strokes for a few minutes. His other hand drifted up his taut stomach and up to his hard nipples, pinching and pulling at the nubs in time with the strokes on his cock. Groans came from all three men as they each tried to slow their impending orgasms. Harry came first in a large pulse of spunk that leaked out from his hand and pooled on his stomach. Sirius was next in a more relaxed gentle pulsating rhythm. Finally, Remus came long and hard, drawing a low growl from his throat. At that moment, Harry looked towards the two older men as if he could see them watching him and sighed. "I want both of you so much it hurts," Harry said, grabbing his journal to write down his latest dream as the two older men dispelled the charm and removed the extendable ears.
"And you'll get us Harry, just wait and see," Remus said, a sly grin on his face.
The next morning the two Marauders were up early plotting their seduction. Remus had made a simple breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and fruit, especially bananas. He also added a few drops of a mild, harmless truth potion to the mug that Harry liked to use each morning. Sirius was nearly bouncing with anticipation.
"Padfoot, if you don't sit down he's not going to eat breakfast with us because you'll make him nervous," Remus said, appearing to be calm even though he was just as giddy inside as his friend was.
"I hate your inner calm," Sirius said, dropping into his seat with an audible thump and draining his mug of coffee in one sip.
Just then, Harry came downstairs, skipping the last two steps out of habit since Remus and Sirius had accidentally jinxed them a few months ago during a prank war. "Morning," Harry said, fighting off a yawn as he raked his hand through his unruly mass of hair.
"Good morning, Harry. Would you like tea or coffee?" Remus asked. His eyes roamed over Harry's body appreciatively, glad that Harry had chosen to come to breakfast in just a pair of Gryffindor-colored boxers. "Harry, is that a concealed piercing of some kind?" Remus asked, noticing something near Harry's naval.
"How . . . how could you tell?" Harry asked, a faint white flair of magic came from Harry's fingertip and a small silver colored bar capped with red and gold balls showed in his naval. "It's charmed to change colors with my mood or when I want it to change. Don't worry if you touch it when you hug me or whatever, it's platinum," Harry said, noticing both Remus and Sirius staring at him. <i>Are they checking me out?</i> Harry thought to himself.
"When did you get that done?" Sirius asked, nearly drooling as he eyed his godson's body. He could see every nuance, every muscle of Harry's chest and stomach . . . and a dark black trail of fine hairs leading down into the gold boxers with red stripes that Harry was wearing.
"I did it right after the Christmas Battle. I was one of the last customers in Diagon Alley before everything shut down," Harry said, accepting the mug of coffee from Remus and taking a sip. "Did you make breakfast Remus?" Harry asked, changing subjects, the memories of the last year still a bit overwhelming.
"Yes I did, dig in before it gets cold," Remus said.
Sirius started the plan by slowly peeling a banana, making sure to catch Harry's eye while doing it. He practically stroked the banana as he slowly worked the peel off. Sirius put the tip of the banana into his mouth, sucked it slowly, and gently pressed his teeth into the very tip of the soft fruit.
Harry shifted in his seat. He was painfully hard and had to force a bite of pancake past the tightening in his throat while simultaneously trying not to moan aloud at Sirius's display.
"Would you like some cream, Harry?" Remus asked. Harry turned to him and noticed a bit of cream along Remus' lower lip.
Harry groaned, his hormones going crazy, as he wanted to lick the cream from Remus' lip himself. "Yes, I'll have some of your cream," Harry said, the truth potion causing him to say what he was really thinking.
"Here you go, say when you've had enough," Remus said, spooning the cream over Harry's pancakes.
"More please," Harry whimpered, lust shooting through him.
Remus stopped, hearing the desperate tone in Harry's voice. "There you go, start with that for now. I can give you more later," Remus whispered in Harry's ear. Remus nearly moaned himself when he caught the scent of Harry's arousal and saw the faint shudder that coursed through the young man.
"So, Harry, do you want to ride my Diablo when we finish eating?" Sirius asked him, referring to his motorcycle although he was well aware that the sentence could sound much different. Sirius did love a good double entendre.
"Yes please," Harry said, gaining a bit more control over his voice. Still, his reply had come out much closer to a moan then he had liked. Harry ate a few more bites and then stood up and headed towards the door to the hallway. "I'll go upstairs and put some clothes on," Harry said.
"You don't have to; we'll ride with the invisibility booster. You could be naked and no one would notice," Sirius said, hoping that his godson would ride in just his silk boxers. Sirius could almost feel Harry pressed snugly against his back, warming the skin with the heat from his equally bare chest. Then he thought about the 'growing problem' Harry was likely experiencing from their seduction so far. It was Sirius' turn to bite back a moan, thinking of feeling the length press against his arse as they rode through the village.
"I'm ready," Harry said, watching Sirius and Remus as the former finished his breakfast with his usual speed and lack of table manners.
Sirius stood from the table and extended his hand to Harry. "We'll be back soon," he said to Remus. Then he opened the door and led Harry out to the garage where they kept Remus' car and the motorcycle. Sirius straddled the bike and patted the seat behind him. "Hop on and hold on tight. It's a fast ride," Sirius said, feeling the heavenly touch of baby soft skin against his back. A moment later, after flicking on the invisibility booster, he felt Harry's erection press into his arse. Sirius grinned and throttled the engine.
<i>Bloody hell, what do I do? I never thought that either of them would return my feelings, let alone both of them,</i> Harry frantically thought to himself before his brain nearly melted from the blood surging to his cock. Harry was reduced to panting, his face pressed into his Godfather's back. He could feel the sun on his shoulders and the wind in his hair as they rode, but everything else was lost to the feel of warm skin beneath his fingers, Sirius' smooth, hard back pressing against his cock, and the faint vibration of the seat. Harry bit his lip and shifted to try to release the pressure on his trapped cock when he felt it release in a rush of blood-warm spunk.
Sirius felt Harry orgasm against his arse and let out a quiet moan. <i>Fuck, he doesn't even know how much that turns me on,</i> Sirius thought as he felt his own release just as he turned back to the driveway and pulled into the garage.
Harry jumped back off the bike and nearly ran into the house. He paused to say a quick hello to Remus and then dashed upstairs to his room, embarrassment flushing his cheeks bright red.
"What happened, Padfoot," Remus asked when Sirius came inside.
"Merlin, Remus. It was a ride to remember. He came so hard I thought he was going to bite right through his lip to keep from moaning aloud," Sirius said. "It was enough to bring me over the edge with him," Sirius added, feeling the sticky residue of his orgasm that had soaked through his boxers.
"This is so hard. I just want to jump him," Remus said.
"I know. What do you say we speed things up? I know we said two days of wooing, but I don't know if I can get through that again tomorrow before we can just go in there and make his fantasies play out," Sirius said.
"I found the spell to allow us to enter his dream. It's not that complicated. We'll go in tonight and cast it. Once he starts dreaming, we'll act it out with him. Once he wakes up we'll be right there to claim our prize," Remus said.
That night the two men slipped into Harry's room and cast a non-verbal spell towards the occupant of the bed. It sent a light dusting of silver sparkles over the young man, and the two older men who were now sitting on either side of Harry on his bed felt themselves drawn into the dreamscape in Harry's mind.
<i>The scene was interesting to both of the older men. They smiled, recognizing the Defence classroom at Hogwarts. Harry was sitting on Remus' lap in the chair behind the teacher's desk. Real Remus merged with Dream Remus so he could feel what was happening in Harry's fantasy.
Dream Harry leaned closer to him and whispered, "Please Remus, kiss me. I know you want me."
"How did you know," Remus said.
"I can just tell," Harry said.
Just then, Dream Sirius entered the room and Real Sirius merged with his counterpart. He walked over to the two in the chair.
"Don't you look comfortable, do you have room for one more?" Sirius asked, sitting on the desk. He put his hand on Harry's back and let his hand move up and down, learning some of the contours of his godson's body.</i>
They felt the shift as Harry started to wake from his fantasy before it had really started. The two men emerged from the dreamscape and found themselves in Harry's room once again. "My, my . . . what a tease Harry has become," Sirius said, noticing that the young man slept in the nude, the thin sheet barely concealing his beautiful form.
Remus moved the cover a bit lower. He let his fingertips trail along Harry's collarbones and then down between the two light brown nipples. He knew they wouldn't have to do much to wake Harry from his light slumber, and he was looking forward to seeing those green eyes open so they could get on with things, and finally have their other partner completely.
Sirius, meanwhile, had finally let himself truly touch Harry, reveling in the feel of his stomach. Harry was all lithe muscle from years of playing seeker. The muscles rippled and jumped as Sirius stroked Harry, his hand moving lower, pushing the sheet with it. Sirius leaned down and laved Harry's naval with his tongue, feeling the cool metal of the bar brush his lower lip. Sirius's teeth scraped the line of hair that led to the fully hard cock nestled against the young man's lower stomach.
Remus stood and walked over to Harry's trunk. He opened it and pulled out four Gryffindor
ties. "We should have a little fun with him," Remus said. He tied Harry's hands to the top bedposts. He then threw the remaining ties to Sirius who shared the large grin on Remus' face. Sirius tied both of Harry's feet to the bottom posts and then turned his attention back to using his mouth and tongue on every part of Harry's chest and stomach.
Remus leaned down and kissed Harry gently, coaxing the dozing young man into returning the kiss and drawing a moan from Harry at the same time. <i>Finally, we'll hear the sounds he makes from close up,</i> Remus thought.
At that moment, Harry's brilliant green eyes opened and he gasped when he realized that he was naked and that he was not alone in his room.
"Am I dreaming?" Harry asked.
"No, Harry. We wanted to give you what you've wanted since you moved in," Remus said, letting his hand slide down Harry's chest.
"You…you read my journal?" Harry asked.
"Yes, but we wanted to find out what was wrong. Then we decided to make it better. And now, here we are, ready to make those fantasies reality," Sirius said still leaning over Harry's naval, his breath tickling over Harry's cock.
"Merlin . . . I . . . " Harry said, his voice breaking with a moan that he couldn't conceal.
"Just lay back and relax, Harry. You're ours for the evening," Remus said, his eyes having gained a bit of a feral quality that made them glow.
Harry tried to sit up but quickly found his arms and legs securely fastened to the bedpost. Remus kissed him again, eager to end the discussion and start the action, and Harry melted into the kiss.
"Your first time will be so good," Sirius said, pushing the sheet the rest of the way to the bottom of the bed. He let his hand trail down Harry's chest, pulling at his nipples and rolling them between his fingers. Then Sirius leaned down, trailing kisses from Harry's naval to the point where his cock lay against his stomach. "I want to taste you, to feel you fill my mouth," Sirius said, closing his mouth around the head of Harry's cock. His tongue rubbed against the slit. Without warning, Sirius let Harry's full-length slide into his mouth until the young man's cock bumped the back of his throat.
Harry arched into the lovely suction that Sirius' mouth provided. He may not have had sex with anyone before, but he had run across a magical copy of the Kama Sutra in the Black Library and had watched the pictures for quite awhile in the last month. "I want . . . I want to see you," Harry said, his hips jerking as Sirius had taken his balls in hand as was massaging them. The sensations flowing through him made it hard to speak through the heavy panting he was doing in order to breathe.
Remus stepped out of his boxers and smiled at Harry's shocked expression at the size of his cock. Remus grasped his cock and started to lightly stroke, watching Harry's hand open and close as if he was the one who was touching Remus. "Want to learn something else?" Remus asked in his Professor voice.
Harry groaned, his head tilting back as the voice went straight to his cock. "Yes please . . . I want everything," Harry said, a blush starting to bloom on his cheeks that went clear down to his chest.
Remus straddled the young man and slowly brought his cock closer to Harry's lips. "I want you to take me in your mouth the way Sirius is sucking you," Remus said, still in 'Professor' mode from the dream.
"Yes, Professor," Harry answered, darting his tongue out to taste Remus and then gasping as Remus shifted forward so that Harry had no choice but to close his mouth around the head. He sucked hard twice, hearing Remus growl. Harry moaned as he took as much of Remus into his mouth as possible, while at the same time Sirius was doing some intricate maneuver with his balls and scraping his teeth gently against his shaft. Suddenly Harry stiffened and let out a muffled cry as he shot hard and fast into Sirius' mouth. Harry felt hazy and warm, but closed his mouth around Remus once more and let his tongue swirl around the massive organ. After a few minutes, Remus pulled back with a wet pop, freeing his cock from Harry's mouth, causing him to let out a disappointed whine.
"Relax, you'll like this just as much, Harry," Remus said, moving down to the vacated spot at the bottom of the bed. Remus bent Harry's knees as much as he could with the ties in place. Then Remus ran his hands over the pale globes of Harry's arse, rubbing the cheeks and spreading them open. One thumb pressed gently against the puckered opening and Harry groaned, feeling a white-hot spark shoot into his cock, which was quickly hardening once again. Remus moaned and laved a kiss against Harry's arsehole, letting his tongue prod inwards just a bit. Then, since there was no objection from Harry, Remus prodded the opening and pushed inside in slow rhythmic motions that nearly caused Harry to come a second time.
"Not just yet there," Sirius said, conjuring up a cock ring, which slid magically into place at the base of Harry's cock. "The night is still young," he said, now sitting alongside Harry. Sirius removed his boxers at last and settled back at Harry's side. He stroked his cock and teased his balls as he watched Remus. "So beautiful," Sirius said, stroking a little faster. "Remus, tease later, it's time to fuck like bunnies," Sirius said, smiling wryly at Harry.
"Alright, Padfoot, I was trying to prep him a little at least," Remus said.
"That's what this is for," Sirius said, tapping his wand against Harry's arse and muttering three spells in a row. He smiled at the sharp gasp, moan, and colorful curse that came from Harry. He knew those particular spells increased the hormone levels a bit, making Harry even more desire-filled than he was before in addition to stretching him, and adding the lube.
"Now . . . oh, Merlin . . . now, please," Harry said, shaking slightly with pent up lust.
Sirius exchanged places with Remus. Sirius then straddled his godson the way they had straddled the bike earlier in the day. "I'm going make you scream," Sirius said to Harry, kissing his lips and then dueling Harry for dominance of the kiss, which he quickly won. "Ready?" Sirius asked Harry.
"No more teasing," Harry said thrusting his hips.
Remus chuckled from his spot just behind Sirius. "Just do it already Padfoot so I can fuck you at the same time," Remus said, a growl in his voice.
Sirius bit his lip in concentration as he focused on entering Harry slowly so he didn't hurt him, and so he didn't come as soon as he was inside. He felt Remus settle onto his back and knew that Remus would be controlling the pace. "Oh, Harry . . . fuck," Sirius said, sinking in the rest of the way a bit quicker than he would have liked due to Remus pushing inside of him in one stroke. He removed the cock ring from Harry's cock, knowing this would be over quickly, and pushed deep inside then pulled back out, following Remus' pace.
Harry felt his orgasm building and tried to stop the noises coming from his mouth nearly every breath. He could almost feel Remus fucking him straight through Sirius, and came once again with a scream of both men's names. His vision was faded at the sides after that release, and he continued to moan as Sirius thrust even more frantically into him. Sirius groaned, the sound almost deep enough to be a growl.
Remus sped up even further as he pushed Sirius even deeper inside Harry until Sirius was crying out both of their names as he shot two or three long hard pulses into Harry, and then clenched and cried out again as Remus emptied himself into Sirius with a loud howl that made Harry shiver with anticipation.
"Ours," Remus said, kissing Harry as he worked the ties from Harry's hands and motioned for Sirius to do the same with his feet.
"How will I know this wasn't just a dream?" Harry asked.
"What would you like for breakfast tomorrow? If we have it then you'll know it was real. You have one hell of an imagination you know," Remus said, smirking as he remembered the banana and the cream from this morning's breakfast.
"Actually, he'll know because he's sleeping with us tonight . . . and for as long as he'll have us," Sirius said, picking Harry up and carrying him to the door. "Come on Moony, it's time for the old dogs to go to bed."
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Basically THE most perfect thing I've read in ever. So sexy, so luscious. Cheers!!!
*Nosebleed* That was HOT!!!!!!!